Twitter marketing for digital agencies: 5 tips for success

Discover a few tips and a handy guide to finding more leads and growing your digital agency business with Twitter marketing

While digital agency owners have a lot of time to focus on social media, social media is not something that needs little effort - in fact, it is more than just one channel and with that presents a lot of responsibilities.

From Facebook to Instagram, there are many ways to get the word out there if you are a digital marketing agency. Twitter marketing has also been a great way to grow a business, get more clients and attract more of your target audience - if you think that Twitter is just a bunch of people sharing memes, you are definitely out of the loop and you might be missing on a great opportunity to expand your business.

Today, we are listing some of our most valuable insights on Twitter marketing for digital agencies.

The Goals And Impact Of Twitter Marketing For Digital Agencies

The first thing to focus on is understanding the goals of any Twitter marketing campaign. In fact, some of the examples of the goals that agencies have achieved through the use of Twitter include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Strengthened brand association
  • Sales boost if some influencers pick up a tweet and make it viral
  • Increased loyalty to their brand from users who are already engaged

From this, we can safely say that Twitter marketing helps digital agencies build connections - and get more personal with their audience. While these are the basic and “standard” goals, it’s important that any agency defines its own personal goals, based on the expertise, target market, core competencies and personal preferences.

Now, let’s move on with our tips - how do you actually increase the likelihood of creating successful Twitter marketing campaigns? Read on to discover it...

How To Market On Twitter (As A Digital Agency)

As you probably know, Twitter is all about securing the moment. And that is why once you developed your goals, it’s time to jump into action and establish your Twitter presence as a modern, active and caring digital marketing agency.

Develop your Twitter bio

A Twitter profile of a digital agency must have a bio. More importantly, that bio needs to be catchy and give your audience a 3-second insight into who you are as a team of professionals. It should obviously include a link to your website or whichever landing page you intended to use when capturing the attention of your followers.

Have a strong visual game

In an ocean full of digital agencies, your Twitter marketing should be unique. Since you are an expert in graphic, web and social, you should also practice what you preach. The best way to show that is through a modern, balanced and beautifully blended visual presence that includes your logo, a cover, and a specific color of your fonts and elements (yes, Twitter allows that).

Interact & engage

One of the best things about Twitter marketing for digital agencies is exactly the fact that it makes them closer and more personal to your fans. As an agency, you have the ability to interact on a personal level with many people who are your customers, leads  - just like you can do with a network of like-minded business owners and influencers that might one day pick one of your tweets and make it go viral in a snap.

Build up your followers

Believe it or not, people will always judge your digital agency based on popularity - and a lot of that has to do with your social following. So, make sure to build your Twitter network over time and grow the number of followers by posting, retweeting and liking the right tweets at the right moment - and if you don’t have enough time to do it, let Tweet Ninja do it for you.

Pick the right moment

One of the best ways to secure momentum on Twitter is to get on a social schedule. The truth is, tweeting regularly will help you build a consistent strategy and put it in action. A strategy like this will likely engage more users at peak hours and therefore increase your follower and conversion rates over time while ensuring you never miss a bit and quickly become an authority on Twitter - with all its advantages in terms of brand equity, reach and power in generating traffic and leads.

This Is Only The Beginning…

The world of Twitter marketing for digital agencies is obviously more complex than writing a bio, building up followers and keeping a nice schedule. However, these are the very basics every agency should attend to. Once you gain more followers and make Twitter a useful part of your marketing toolbox, it’s time for example to start using analytics and tracking system to understand with more precision how and why people are liking your contents - and what you can do to make this repeatable, scalable and even more successful.

Interested? Keep an eye on this blog and feel free to register and try our platform, you’ll find a handy tool for boosting your presence on Twitter - on autopilot.