How to get followers on Twitter: a few tips and tricks

Getting followers on Twitter is rewarding yet demanding: here's a few tips and tricks on how to expand your Twitter reach - easily and effectively

On Twitter you get limited amount of words to express yourself: the platform has a strict rule and you have to keep your posts short and to the point and also the "rules of engagement" are a bit different from other, more traditional social media or publishing environments.

Before you start promoting your brand, products or services, you therefore need to lay out a detailed plan of action: even the former CEO of Twitter said that the platform works like a movie trailer - it shows enough of the story to make sense and entice you to go "watch the movie" - and that's why you need to make your posts, profile and Twitter presence compelling and engaging just like the best crafted trailers are.

So, here are tips and idea that you can try to get more followers on Twitter and engage more and better with the audience you already have.

Tip 1: Polish your profile

This is the most obvious and practical thing, yet often overlooked: many brands rush through this process, which ultimately results in a loss of results rather than a save of time. You have to invest time and resources in choosing the right profile pic, cover photo and bio will to entice customers and prospects.

The more you polish, the more your brand will shine. Provide every single detail of your brand and be consistent throughout the description. Just think how you want the customers to perceive your service, product or personal and company brand - possibly with the help of tools such as TwitrCovers, Pagemodo and other similar apps.

Tip 2: Develop a personal voice

Giving a voice to your brand is exactly what you will need to create a recognizable and consistent experience to your prospects and visitors, creating a deeper impact on your customer’s mind. Whether you are trying to attract high-end entrepreneurs, teenagers, housewives or whatever other niche you are targeting, the voice of your brand must coincide with the nature of your products and services - and all this needs to be merged with the specificity of the Twitter medium where you need to convey all this in the proverbial 140 characters (or just a bit more) 

Tip 3: Share quality content

If you want to get followers on Twitter fast and organically, constantly publishing quality content is the most crucial thing you could do: picking the right posts and links to retweet and share will help you reach more people and be seen as an authority in your niche.

You should also always keep an eye on Twitter Analytics or similar tools to track impressions, top tweets, demographics, audience interest, etc.

Finally, don't forget to give gratitude towards your clients re-tweeting them or try to get in the radars of influencers and interesting prospects or employers by regularly showing you care and like what they publish - this is stuff that works!

Tip 4: Use visuals:

The immense power of visual marketing is well known to everybody so if you are creating some infographics or design-rich pieces of contents for your brand, share it on Twitter with passion and enthusiasm.

Even if you are not much of a designer and don't have time/resources to consistently produce these kind of visually appalling contents, use tools such as Unsplash or Canva to get ideas and materials to use in your posts on Twitter - you'll end up attracting more people and making your stream a lot more engaging and fun to follow. 

Tip 5: Harness the power of hashtags

Finally, hashtags can be a powerful way to never lose track of trending topics, see what your target audience is talking about and get ideas and inspiration on what people want to read and hear about.

Our suggestion here is to always keep an eye and monitor keywords people you want to engage with are using, immediately retweeting the most interesting contents while also creating original posts about those topics.


These are just a few tips and ideas on how to better use Twitter and gain new followers consistently. If you want to share your suggestions (or have questions), feel free to contact us - and don't forget to try out Tweet Ninja, the Smart Automated Twitter Assistant we have created to help you grow your presence on Twitter - on autopilot!