About Tweet Ninja and the team

Discover who we are and how we can work together to create a successful digital business

Tweet Ninja is a platform and a business developed with The Maven System, a framework created by Silvio Porcellana for building online businesses with the highest chances of success.

The Maven System is designed to give all partners the ideal tools for building a stream of recurring revenues (as passive as possible) thanks to:

  • a technologically advanced platform with a very wide variety of tightly integrated digital marketing tools to give partners maximum flexibility in creating the perfect offering for their target audience
  • sales and marketing tools (such as an embedded CRM and a full-fledged affiliate marketing system) for helping partners easily grow revenues and profits
  • total and complete support from the team that designed it and developed it, with direct and constant access for questions, problems, ideas and customizations

If you want to know more - check out themavensystem.com now.

The team

Experience, skills, passion and knowledge - combined

Silvio Porcellana - Founder

Digital entrepreneur since 1997, he has created various online businesses after years working as CTO, SEO professional and lead developer

Francesco Sciuti - CTO

Chief Technical Officer with a stellar professional background and an incredibly vast knowledge of web and digital technologies

Alessandro Benigno - SysAdmin

To make sure everything works as a clock an experienced sysadmin is a must - exactly like Alessandro.