Automatically boost your Twitter engagement

Get more followers naturally, tweet like a pro, engage with influencers - on autopilot

What can you do with it?

Gain Twitter followers - organically

Engaging with people on Twitter is time-consuming and demanding - but rewarding when done right. Tweet Ninja automates your Twitter, helping you naturally gain followers and boosting your popularity and reach

Automate your engagement - smartly

Tweet Ninja automatically tweets, favorites and retweets the most engaging contents from your target audience, organically growing your followers with real, interested and interesting people

Do Twitter marketing - effectively

Twitter is a powerful platform for marketing yourself and your products, but it can quickly become very time-consuming. With our tool you'll start seeing real results every day, without moving a finger.

How does it work?

1. Choose your target audience

All you have to do is pick a list of people you want to engage with on Twitter and refine it with hashtags and keywords: celebrities, clients, prospects, influencers - all it takes is a couple of clicks

2. Let the system engage automatically

Tweet Ninja will pick the best tweets and the hottest contents from the list you have chosen, and from the people that interact with them, re-tweeting and engaging automatically for you

3. Watch your followers grow - on autopilot

Once setup, the system will continue to engage on Twitter for you, boosting your presence and constantly adding real followers ready to be contacted and nurtured

Simple pricing, great results, free to try

No hidden fees, everything unlimited, clear and transparent pricing: just choose if you want to manage one account or more than one, for your clients.
And try it for free for 7 days.